Apple Updates Leopard Server to 10.5.1

Apple posted a 110 MB update to Mac OS X 10.5, Leopard Server on Thursday. The update fixes some minor server issues related to NetBoot, Open Directory, and SMB File service.

The Mac OS X Server 10.5.1 Update is recommend for all users.

Updates were provided in the following areas:

Server Preferences. Addresses an issue which could block adding external users to a newly-created group.

NetBoot. Addresses an issue in which 10.5.x-based software images could lead to an unresponsive NetBoot client.

Open Directory. Addresses an issue blocking control of client application access when usernames contain non-ASCII characters. Addresses intermittent Password Server errors.

SMB File Service. Addresses an issue in which Microsoft Windows clients may misinterpret shared foldersi ACL settings.

More information is available in support article # 306908.