Apple Updates Mac OS X Server To Version 10.0.4

[Editoris Note: We posted this at 10:55 PM on Wednesday night, before the July 4th holiday, and are reposting it today for those Observers who may have missed it.]

Apple has released the 10.0.4 update for Mac OS X Server. The release includes enhanced networking support, a security update for MySQL and Samba (which provides Windows networking services), and more. According to Appleis Mac OS X Server 10.0.4 Update page:

The 10.0.4 Server Update delivers reliability improvements for Apple File Protocol connections, printer sharing, FTP, mail and directory services. It includes MySQL and security updates to Samba. This update also improves migration and administration of users and groups, home directory settings and Macintosh Manager accounts.

You can get more information and download links for the update at the link below.