Apple Updates Mac OS X To Version 10.0.4 (ReadMe Included)

Apple has released the long awaited update to Mac OS X, version 10.0.4. The new update includes improved Classic performance, security enhancements, support for Appleis new 17" flat panel display, and more. From the ReadMe included with the update in the Receipts folder:

The 10.0.4 Update delivers a significant number of improvements for USB devices including additional external device support for iTunes CD burning, improved battery life for many PowerBook G3 systems, and Classic compatibility improvements. This update also provides the latest security updates to OpenSSH and isudoi services and includes support for Appleis newest digital flat-panel, the 17-inch Apple Studio Display. Note: The 10.0.4 Update will update Mac OS X v 10.0.3 to Mac OS X v 10.0.4.

You can download the update through the Software Update Control Panel.