Apple Updates QuickTime For OS 9 To Version 6.0.3

Apple has updated its QuickTime software to version 6.0.3 for OS 9 users. The new version adds the ability to import text files of over 32KB in size and improves playback under OS Xis Classic environment. QuickTime 6.0.3 is only available as a standalone installer, and will update any version of QuickTime 6 for OS 9 to version 6.0.3. From Apple:

QuickTime 6.0.3 for Mac OS 9 is only available as a standalone installer. Note: The QuickTime Updater application will not update to this version.

The standalone installer is available from the QuickTime website (

Enhancements included with the 6.0.3 update

  • Allows text files larger than 32 KB to be imported.
  • Improves playback of movies under Classic in Mac OS X

Enhancements included with the 6.0.2 update

  • Enhances the security of QuickTime software updates and downloads
  • Improves the stability and performance of exporting audio
  • Enhances the performance of MPEG-4 playback
  • Improves MPEG-4 recording and streaming

You can download QuickTime 6.0.3 for OS 9 now from Appleis QuickTime site.