Apple Updates Refurb Offers

Apple Computer has updated the refurbished Macs, displays, and iPods at the Apple Store. Apple also updated the Hot Deals pages for MacZone and Publishing Perfection at the Mac Product Guide.

The company is currently offering Silver, Pink, Blue, Green, and Gold iPod minis (4GB), three iMac G5 models, three Power Mac G5 models, four Cinema Displays, three iBook G4 models, three eMacs, the wireless keyboard, and a 40GB iPod. You can find the refurb offers by clicking on the "Special Deals" link at the Apple Store Hot Deals page.

Note that the Special Deals refurb listings are dynamic, and the offers tend to go fast after we post these announcements.

The new MacZone Hot Deals page has offers on three FireWire DVD burners, two LCD displays, two iPod FM transmitters, speakers, several FireWire hard drives, publishing software, and laptop sleeves. You can find the MacZone Hot Deals page at Appleis Web site.

The new Publishing Perfection Hot Deals page has offers on some color correcting software, FlightCheck Studio for XPress, a design book, QuarkXpress 6.5, a scanner, Carrara 4 STD, Photoshop CS2, a lighting effects package, a digital camera, a photo edging package, Painter IX upgrade, Shade 7, Spyder2Pro Studio, and some TDK CD-R media. You can find the Publishing Perfection Hot Deals page at Appleis Web site.