Apple Updates Safari Beta, Third-Party Hacks Adds Debug Menu And Other Features

Apple has quietly updated the Safari Beta browser to version v51 or version 0.8.1, depending on where you look. Apple doesnit seem to be providing much information on what is new aside from "This Safari Update is recommended for all Safari users," but one would assume that it addresses the problem of downloaded files overwriting the useris home directory. You can download the new version at Appleis site.

If you feel like the number of features in Safari are not enough, Gordon Byrnes may have what you are looking for. His program, called Safari Enhancer, adds many features, such as a debug menu, the ability to change what browser Safari identifies itself as, a minimum font size, and whether or not links are underlined. It also allows you to import bookmarks from Netscape, Internet Explorer, Chimera, Mozilla, OmniWeb, and iCab. You can download the program from Gordon Byrnesi Web site.

Last but not least, there is already a hack for those of you who dislike the brushed metal look of Safari. Itis called SafariNoBrush 1.01, and you can download it from VersionTracker.