Apple Updates Science & Technology Web Site

Apple has updated their Science & Technology Web site. The SciTech site has a brand new snazzy look and feel as well as several new articles about the Macintosh in science. The SciTech site is a resource Apple provides for those in the scientific, engineering, and R&D communities to let them know more about how the Mac can help them with their efforts. Apple bills the site as Science & Technology, Apple:Advancing the course of discovery. The following five articles are currently featured:

Jim Garvin: To Mars and Back. This first in a series of Science Masters profiles highlights Mars Program Scientist Jim Garvin who has spent nearly two decades helping to create innovative tools for remotely exploring and mapping planets in our solar system.

Seminar: The Power of UNIX — The Simplicity of Macintosh. Learn how Mac OS X and new Apple hardware can provide supercomputing power on the desktop while maintaining the ease of use you expect from Apple. Sponsored by Apple and Improvision.

Bioinformatics Software Ports to Mac OS X. Many important bioscience applications previously existing only on UNIX platforms are being brought over to the Macintosh via Mac OS X.

Mac OS X and Scientific Imaging. Find out why Mac OS X brings unparalleled capabilities and performance advantages to imaging professionals.

Mac OS X Software Development Tools for the Physical Sciences. Learn about the wide variety of Mac OS X tools for application development.

Go and check it out!