Apple Updates The 'Switch' Site With New Cross-over Stories

They say timing is everything. Appleis timing could not be better when it updated its iSwitchi site recently. There are new stories detailing how many more people have dropped PCs in favor of Macs and OS X. This from the site:

We?ve received thousands of emails from people who have successfully switched from PCs to Macs. Executives. Parents. UNIX users. Students. Researchers. Retirees. Here are some of their true stories. We?ll continue to add letters during the coming days ? we have many good stories to share with you.

Why is the timing so fortuitous? After the recent bad-mouthing from certain sectors about the initial group of people who populated the iSwitchi site, we think it was a good time to show that there are many more regular people who have made the move.

To those who have switched, welcome to the Mac community.