Apple Updates X11 For OS X

Apple has released an update to X11 for OS X. X11 Beta 3 fixes numerous bugs and makes some enhancements to Apple original release. Appleis implementation of X11 makes use of OS Xis Quartz graphic engine and hardware acceleration, which, according to Apple, makes X11 for OS X quick. The update includes the following:

  • Pseudocolor (8-bit) visual plane support
  • Option to quit X11 without presenting warning dialog
  • Command-Q keyboard shortcut to quit X11
  • Command-, to bring up preferences dialog
  • Keyboard mappings with dead keys fixed
  • Linking against libGL no longer results with multiple definitions of glGetColorTableEXT
  • Locked files left behind in /tmp no longer block non-admin users from starting X11
  • Windows can be resized by user to any size and not be limited by the Dockis height
  • Dragging remotely hosted windows no longer causes crash
  • Hardware accelerated scrolling in 16 bit mode now works
  • X Server no longer crashes if application tried to retrieve data back from the framebuffer using XGetImage
  • Bug fixes and other feature enhancements

For more information about X11 for OS X, and to download the update, stop by Appleis Web site.