Apple Upgrades .Mac Bandwidth to 1TB Per Month?

Some .Mac users have seen a data transfer capacity increase from 10GB per month to 1024GB (or one 1TB), according to a posting at MacDailyNews. One reader of the site said the change to his account happened as of Dec. 31, while another has posted a screenshot of the enhanced capacity.

MacDailyNews, citing a ThinkSecret report from Dec. 10, speculated that the change is a precursor to the introduction of a new Mac mini at next weekis Macworld Conference & Expo San Francisco. Rumors suggest that Apple will integrate .Macis iDisk feature with version 2.0 of Front Row, which will come with the new computer. Users will be able to download new video content, including feature-length movies, to their iPods without ever storing the files on their computeris hard drives.

However, one reader in MacDailyNewsi comments section linked to an Apple message board posting in which an employee said that the increased bandwidth is a glitch that the company is currently investigating.

The person then added: "Keep watching for more information about this and all future enhancements to .Mac."