Apple Ups The Ante, Invokes The Power Of Mac Rumor Sites In MWSF Hype

Appleis home page is stoking the fires of hype on a daily basis. On December 31 Apple began pushing the hype envelope by billing the upcoming MACWORLD San Francisco as being really big. Appleis words were, "This One Is Big. Even By Our Standards."

Yesterday, Appleis countdown banner page carried this slogan: "Count the days. Count the minutes. Count on being blown away."

Appleis home page from yesterday,
January 1st, saved for posterityis sake
by the eagle-eyed staff of TMO

Today, Appleis site says this: "Beyond The Rumor Sites. Way Beyond."

Apparently, Apple is changing the slogan daily, stepping up the hype to astronomical levels. It bares watching Appleis main site page for the next few days to see what new slogan they come up with, and how high they intend to push the hype. Alternately, you can look here, as we will have the latest info for you.

Todayis Apple home page,
officially acknowledging the power of the Mac rumor sites.