Apple Vs. Dell: Consumer Reports Survey Puts Apple On Top For Quality, Tech Support

Consumer Reports recently surveyed 39,000 readers, asking them for their experience with different computer manufacturers. The results of the survey appear in the June 2003 issue of Consumer Reports, and they look good for Apple. According to Consumer Reports readers, Apple has the lowest percentage of failed computers, and the best technical support.

In order, Apple beat Dell, Gateway, Sony, HP, and Compaq (measured separately in the survey) in the Technical Support results. For machines needing repair, Apple placed better than Dell, HP, IBM, Compaq, Gateway, and Micron (also in order). In both categories, Apple was comfortably ahead of #2 Dell. From Consumer Reports:

In a survey of 39,000 Consumer Reports readers, 4 percent bought a computer that was completely inoperable within the first month; another 10 percent had problems that month but could use the computers. The chart below shows the percentage of computers that ever had a repair to original hardware components.

Our findings have been quite consistent over the years. However, any brandis repair history includes models that have been more or less reliable than others. Histories also canit anticipate design or manufacturing changes. Still, you can better your chance of getting a reliable computer if you choose a brand that has proved reliable in the past.

The magazine included two tables of information, both of which include Apple at the top of the heap. Screen shots of those tables:

Technical Support reader scores from the survey

Percentage of machines needing repairs

You can cnt_id =305449">read the full article at Consumer Reportsi Web site.