Apple Webmail, Round 2: New Features & Other Improvements

Apple has updated its beta Web-based e-mail service, which the company is dubbing Webmail Beta II. The service allows Mac users to check their e-mail from a browser. Currently, e-mail can only be used from an e-mail client, like Outlook Express, Mail, Eudora, etc. Webmail from Apple will allow users to check their mail from anywhere with an Internet connection and a browser. The new beta offers a plethora of enhancements. This from Apple:

We listened to you and adjusted the application to allow for smarter navigation, better folder management, and increased ease of use overall. These changes, along with our existing features such as mail forwarding, auto reply, and anywhere access, make truly a world class e-mail service. We hope you continue to enjoy and use E-mail.

You can find more information on the changes and new features at Appleis Webmail site.