Apple Will Be Awarded A Grammy Along With Moog

Apple Computer and Dr. Robert Moog will both be awarded the 2002 Techincal Grammy. The Technical Grammy is awarded to people and businesses who, through technical innovations, have enhanced the recording industry, according to an article posted at From that article:

The awards will be presented on Feb. 26 at a ceremony a day before the 44th Annual GRAMMY Awards. Recipients of the Technical GRAMMY Award are determined by the vote of the members of the Recording Academyis Producers & Engineers Wing, a group of 5,000 pro-audio professionals dedicated to developing new technologies, recording and mastering standards, as well as other critical issues affecting their craft.

Apple Computer is considered the leading architect in bringing computer technology into the studio and revolutionizing the way music is written, produced, mixed, recorded and creatively imagined. The introduction of the Macintosh in the mid-1980s helped launch a number of important software breakthroughs, linking technology to the creative process, and literally changing the face of the recording studio.

Almost immediately, developers began creating revolutionary tools for playing, recording and editing music, all solidly grounded in the Macis user-friendly interface. This made the Macintosh virtually synonymous with the computer-driven production techniques of the last decade. Over time, with a Mac and the right tools, a single person could compose, perform, record, edit and mix the instrumental portion of a song or entire album. Thus, the Macintosh became the touchstone of a new model for producing recorded music.

The creation of the Macintosh sparked a flurry of creativity that continues today. With the Macis powerful new processors and new, Apple-driven applications - such as DVD Studio Pro - Apple continues to build on its historic role in moving studio technology forward.

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