Apple iMac Wins Another Rave Review

The new Apple iMac has won another rave review. After visiting Appleis headquarters on Tuesday for the Town Hall briefing, Farhad Manjoo concluded at, that the Apple iMac is the best home machine one can buy.

There was a time when only the Mac press wrote stellar reviews of Macs. Now, more and more PC oriented and general journalists are doing the same. The overview of the new iMac demonstrates how successful Apple has been at designing Macs that appeal to all users, not just those who are inclined to use a Mac.

"The effect is beautiful; when you get up close to it the system looks something like a grown-up iPhone, more sophisticated and elegant than the previous design," Mr. Manjoo wrote.

The Salon author was also surprised by the changes Apple made to iMovie and related Mr. Jobs story about how "one of our most brilliant video engineers" essentially rewrote iMovie.

Perhaps what astounded the author was that level of connection between a CEO, an engineer, and the engineer-as-customer.

Mr. Manjoo seemed a little nervous about his gushing praise. "I understand this columnis a bit gushing; my e-mail pal Jack Shafer, the Slate press critic whois long lambasted us tech writers for hanging on Appleis every word, is sure to call me a card-carrying member of the cult after this."

However, when Apple creates such great products that even the most self-described dispassionate journalists get passionate, Apple is certainly doing something right. The fact that such a large fraction of new Mac buyers are former PC users also attests to this sea change in the general press.