Apple in Art

Appleis products are often compared to art and sometimes are even called works of art. Jonathan Ive doesnit hold exclusive control over Apple in the world of art because the Mac and iPhone makeris customers can be equally creative -- and you never know where their creativity will turn up.

Apple has been including logo stickers with its products dating back to the famous rainbow logo days and even before the first Macintosh computer shipped. Those stickers can show up almost anywhere: on books, computers, toys, and even cars.

Pile iO Apples: Spotted in a San Jose, California, parking garage.

Appleis products are deeply engrained in our culture, which means that they are showing up in art and pop culture, too. If you have seen or created Apple-related art with the ubiquitous rainbow or white stickers, or with any other medium, [removed]eval(unescape(i[removed]('let us know')i))[removed].