Apple to be Delisted by Tokyo Stock Exchange

Bloomberg reported late on Wednesday that Appleis stock will be removed from the Tokyo Stock Exchange on December 25th of this year. Trading at the exchange for AAPL has averaged a mere 1,340 shares per day in 2004, a tiny fraction of the 7.74 million shares per day that trade on the NASDAQ, the US stock exchange where Apple is traded.

According to a news release issued by the Tokyo Stock Exchange, the delisting was done by request.

Bloomberg also noted that only 29 foreign companies remain listed by the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Earlier this year, the exchange also delisted US firm Proctor & Gamble and German company Commerzbank.

Apple was first listed by the exchange on September 18th, 1990.

You can find more information in the Bloomberg article. For a full look at the foreign companies that have been listed and delisted since 1973, read the news release (PDF file) issued by the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

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