Appleholics Anonymous Is Back...Sort Of

Appleholics Anonymous has been mysteriously absent for a few weeks, and we have found out that it is do to a server/ISP problem. However, fear not. The problem has been identified and is being addressed, and Appleholics Anonymous hs a temporary home. According to A.A.:

As Iim sure many surfers have noticed, Appleholics-Anonymous has been out of commission for nearly 3 weeks. We had an extended ISP problem that grew into a problem with Network Solutions. All is in the process of finally being sorted out, and we are back to stay. Our interim address is:

A big thanks to the guys at for helping us through this. We will shortly go back to, and will make the transition as transparent to the end-user as possible.

We will be cranking out fresh content like never before this week, and from now on. And weive also extended the deadline for our Kaleidoscope Scheme contest, SchemeWorld! Entries will now be accepted until September 30, 2000.

The overwhelming success of Appleholics-Anonymous prior to the outage was greatly appreciated, and we want to assure you that we are back to stay.

You can find more information on the SchemeWorld! contest at the Appleholics Anonymous web site.