Applelinks Debuts A REALbasic Column

Our good friends at Applelinks have announced the debut of a new weekly column, REALbasic University. The new column is designed as a REALbasic tutorial, and it kicked off last week. The new column is targeted at REALbasic developers, and "wanna be" developers, and aims to provide hints, tips, tricks, and techniques for getting the most out of the popular programming language. According to Applelinks:

The column is written by Stone Table Softwareis Marc Zeedar. It will explore many aspects of developing software with REAL Softwareis visual programming environment, but will be specifically geared toward amateur and novice programmers. "Even if youive never written an AppleScript, weill have you programming in REALbasic in a short time," claims Marc.

"REALbasic is the new HyperCard," says Marc. "Itis designed to be easy-to-use and for lightening-fast development, yet with it you can create professional quality Macintosh and Windows applications."

REALbasic University will be featuring lessons on building real Macintosh utilities and games in a step-by-step process that anyone can follow. Every project will teach skills and techniques that new programmers will find invaluable. Archives of previous columns will be available online for reference at any time. Columns will also feature a brief question-and-answer section where Marc will respond to queries from readers.

REALbasic University is being published as part of an association with REALbasic Developer, a new REALbasic magazine scheduled to begin publishing in 2002.

Marc Zeedar writes the "Less Tangible" weekly column for MacOpinion, and he is the author of the Z-Write word processor published by Stone Table Software.

You can read the REALbasic University column at the Applelinks Web site.