Applelinks Offers Free E-Mail And Web Space has announced the addition of Applelinks Web Mail at Applelinks Web Mail allows users to read and compose messages and perform account and mailbox management tasks using any Web browser. According to Applelinks:

Using the CommuniGate Pro Server from Stalker Software Inc., Applelinks Web Mail offers its users the ability to access their email account from anywhere in the world. The CommuniGate Pro server can automatically process messages using several sets of Automated Rules. The CommuniGate Pro server is based on the Internet Standards (RFCs) and offers many additional features required for todayis industrial-level messaging systems.

The Applelinks Web Mail feature allows users:

  • The ability to check their email from any Web browser.
  • The opportunity to retrieve email from their existing pop3 account to their Applelinks Web mail account.
  • The opportunity to be presented on the World Wide Web with a personal Web Site that can be administered from any web browser.
  • A permanent email address that will never change.
  • Privacy and Security.

The service is available for free and you can find more information about it at