Apple's 1984 Commercial Up For "Best Commercial Ever," & You Can Help

Observer Carol Goodell sent us a note about a poll being conducted by The History Channel and USA Today. We normally donit mention polls at The Mac Observer, but this one definitely merits it. The two media outlets are looking for what their viewers and readers consider to be the best TV commercial of all time, and of course, Appleis 1984 commercial is one of the contestants. The competition is pretty fierce as there are some outstanding commercials to choose from, but this is a great opportunity to help Apple get publicity one more time. From the USA Today poll:

A panel of prominent advertising agency creative directors, chosen by the American Association of Advertising Agencies, selected the following 22 TV commercials from a list of 100 award winners. They believed these were the most innovative, creative and effective in the last 25 years. Whatis your opinion?

To vote for your favorite, view the 22 commercials below. Click the Vote button for the one you like best and click Submit at the bottom of the page. Results will be announced Friday, Feb. 8 [2002] on The History Channelis special presentation of Americais Favorite TV Commercials.

  • California Milk Board-Aaron Burr (1993)
    Call-in listener to radio quiz show says the answer but canit be understood.
  • Energizer Bunny-Nasatene (1989)
    The bunny keeps on going and going and…
  • Wendyis-Whereis The Beef? (1984)
    Little old lady in a hamburger outlet with a big voice wants to know "Whereis the beef?"
  • HBO-Chimps (1996)
    Even far away in Africa thereis HBO.
  • FedEx-Fast Talker (1981)
    FedEx is almost as fast in delivering packages as this guy is in delivering words.
  • Jeep-Snow (1994)
    Burrowing through the snow is a very steady Jeep.
  • Pepsi-Security Camera (1996)
    Competitive cola delivery guy is caught in the act of purloining a Pepsi.
  • Mastercard-Baseball (1997)
    For these kids, these baseball stars are priceless.
  • Tabasco-Mosquito (1997)
    Mosquito has a life-ending experience with Tabasco. Hot. Hot. Hot.
  • Pepsi-Archaeology (1986)
    The shape is distinctive, but what was inside the bottle?
  • Fox Sports-Feet (1998)
    Feet pinning safety pin into a diaper … guy too busy on computer with Fox Sports on-line to use his hands.
  • Wendyis-Russian Fashion Show (1987)
    In pre-glasnost Russia, there werenit many choices. But there are plenty of choices at Wendyis
  • John Hancock-Bill Heater (1985)
    The right kind of life insurance can be up close and personal.
  • I Grow Up (1999)
    These kids are too young for irony, but they know will be the place they can find a fulfilling job.
  • Nike-Bo Knows (1989)
    Bo knows a lot about athletic shoes, but he doesnit know (Bo) Diddley about playing the guitar.
  • Nike-The Wall (1994)
    Another visual tour de force to illustrate "Just do it."
  • Budweiser-Talking Frogs (1999)
    Bud-weis-er is the mantra chanted by the denizens of the swamp.
  • Coke-Mean Joe Greene (1979)
    "Mean" Joe Greene accepts a Coke from a young fan and gives him his jersey.
  • Budweiser-Whassup Wasabi (2000)
    The "Whassup" guy learns another word: "WAAA-SAH-BEE."
  • Apple-Macintosh (1984)
    Female athlete runs through a sea of followers and destroys Big Brother in this Orwellian ad introducing the Macintosh computer.
  • Dannon-Old Russians (1977)
    135-year-old Russians swear by their favorite yogurt.
  • Pepsi-Jackson Street (1984)
    Michael Jackson and Alfonso Ribeiro get their groove on in the street.

As you can see, Apple is way down at the bottom, so go and vote. The results will not be found out until February 8th, 2002, when they are broadcast on The History Channel, but go and vote for Apple now.

Thanks to Observer Carol for the heads up!