Apple's Certified Pro Training Courses a Sell Out Success

NEW YORK, NY -- Apple Computer has sold out its three Certified Pro Training classes being offered at this weekis DV Expo East at the Javits Convention Center in New York City. Some 125 people are taking a two day course to qualify for a certification test.

An Apple spokesperson told The Mac Observer Wednesday every one of the 100 Mac systems used for the training are being used for the two days of training on three different Apple video software packages.

"This is a big success and weire glad we could offer these courses to DV Expo attendees," said an Apple spokesperson, who asked not to be named. "Weire happy we could offer these courses here at the show and it shows we have interested people."

Apple is offering certification courses on Motion!, Final Cut Pro HD and DVD Studio Pro 3 during the conference. Each productis course is two days of intense, hands-on training. Motion! and Final Cut Pro HD were offered on Monday and Tuesday of this week so that students could also attend the DVD Studio Pro 3 training, if they so desire.

Those wanting to gain their certification in one of the three products can do so during a two-hour certification session this coming Friday at DV Expo, or opt to take the test at a later date through an authorized training center.

Successful completion of the certification test gives attendees official recognition of experience in a particular software product and allows the student to market his or her self to potential employers as a skilled, pro-level user of Appleis products