Apple's Home Dedicated to Earthquake/Tsunami Relief

Apple Computer has dedicated its home page, one of the busiest corporate sites on the Internet, to disaster relief for victims of the earthquake and tsunamis that have devastated parts of Asia and Africa. We reported this morning that Amazon was hosting a donation mechanism for the American Red Cross, and Apple has taken a similar step by placing links to four different relief agencies directly on its home page.

The companyis home page currently reads: "Our hearts reach out to those hurt by the Indian Ocean tsunamis," and the company has links to the United States Agency for International Development, the American Red Cross, UNICEF, and the Center for International Disaster Information (CIDI).

All of Appleis links go directly to Web pages on those sites that deal directly with this particular disaster.

Appleis current home page
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A quick spot check of Dell, Gateway, and HP, Appleis computer competitors, shows that they have not yet followed in Appleis foot steps. You can see the page yourself at