Apple's Home Page: New Day, New Slogan, More Hype

Mainstream media takes note of the hype. Several mainstream technology news sites have taken notice of Appleis hype generating Web page, which now proclaims:

"Itis like a backstage pass to the future."

Todayis Apple home page,
Quick, call Alex, and warm up the DeLorean!
(Click the thumbnail for the real screen shot)

Wired News ran an article yesterday (Jan. 2 2002) that labled the frenzy of anticipation being generated by Apple, iHype. Farhad Manjoo, Contributing Editor for Wired News, wrote about the slogan that appears on Appleis main Web page yesterday :

Such pre-show hucksterism is uncharacteristic of Apple, which usually neither confirms nor denies the existence of this or that rumored product or innovation. Unlike most other tech firms, only on rare occasion does Apple even say that something will be coming next week or next month, preferring, in the words of one Mac watcher, to "let the event sell itself."

ZDNet and C|Net News also ran stories yesterday. Both stories from contributing Editor, Ian Fried, says:

While Apple traditionally launches new products at the twice-yearly shows, the company does not typically make such bold claims at the risk of letting its customers down. For example, although Apple did not make any promises for the last Macworld Expo, held in July in New York, many Mac fans were still disappointed that the company unveiled only minor tweaks and speed bumps to the Power Mac and iMac lines.