Apple's Hot Deals Page Updated

We received a note from Apple about an update to the companyis Hot Deals. Appleis Hot Deals is a section of the Mac Product Guide that features special offers from several Mac retailers. Todayis update comes from MacWarehouse. According to Apple:

MacWarehouse has updated its Hot Deals page within Appleis Macintosh Products Guide Web site with seven brand new solution packages including:

  • Small Business Package
  • Canon ZR20 Video Camera Package
  • PowerBook Mobility Package
  • Power Your Mac Package
  • Power Your PowerBook Package
  • Graphics Pro Package
  • Exciting Game Package

Of course, each package comes with a great price, and all the packages contain top-notch products from many of the industryis most respected Mac developers.

You can find these products at Appleis Hot Dealsi MacWarehouse page.