Apple's Intel Switch Could Slow Mac Sales in Near Term, Columnist Warns

Apple Computeris move to the Intel processor next year may slow sales in the short term, according to columnist Troy Wolverton.

Saying Apple offered "valid reasons" for the switch to Intel products, Mr. Wolverton said the move "could lead customers to delay computer purchases or choose rival systems" such as Windows-based PCs.

"The move to Intel-based computers could give consumers pause," he wrote. "And consumers might not be the only ones delaying purchases. While business customers generally use Windows-based PCs, the Macintosh is strong in several industry niches, including the entertainment and education sectors."

Mr. Wolverton said Apple has lost customers and market share with each of the companyis past transitions, but admitted many analysts believe the move to Intel will be beneficial to Apple in the long term.

He concludes, "But if Appleis halo shines brightly in the future because of the move, it may well dim in the near term."