Apple's Keynote Figures Prominently in 'An Inconvenient Truth'

The presentation former vice-president Al Gore uses to demonstrate the dangers of global warming, and which forms the basis for the new documentary An Inconvenient Truth, was created with Appleis Keynote software, according to a new article on the companyis Web site. Co-producer Lesley Chilcott told writer Barbara Gibson: "Iim guessing itis the first time that a feature film or documentary has ever been made with Keynote as its basis."

Mr. Gore has been giving presentations on the subject since 1989, starting out with slides in carousels, along with easels and charts, and then moving on to Keynote on his PowerBook. The presentationis photos, animations and QuickTime movies were exported directly into Avid video editing software on Power Mac G5 and PowerBook computers when it came time to make the movie, Ms. Chilcott revealed.

She said: "I can tell you this with 100 percent confidence: If we had chosen to do this another way, the presentation in the movie would not be as dynamic as it is."

Mr. Gore has long been a Macintosh user, going back to his days as Vice President of the U.S. Apple appointed him to its board of directors in March of 2003.