Apple's Market Share Dips Below 2% According To Merrill Lynch

Forbes has published a short piece on Q4 2003 market share that says Appleis worldwide market share dipped below 2% for the first time last quarter. The numbers come from Merrill Lynch, and put Apple in 9th place in the global market.

Dell and HP have once again changed places, with HP claiming 15.3% of the worldis market in the #1 spot, and Dell taking #2 with 14.5%.

Appleis market share has been trending downward for years, and global market share has hovered between 2% and 3% for the last couple of years. This, despite enormous success for Apple with its iPod and the iTunes Music Store (iTMS). Forbes quotes an unnamed Merrill Lynch analyst as saying, "We expect iPod success eventually to spill over into Mac purchases."

You can find the full article at Forbesi Web site. For more information on Appleis market share, see our recent article "TMO Reports - iThe Real Deali On Mac vs. Linux Market Share; Is It Accurate?"