Apple's Motion, Xsan Were Two Most Popular Products At NAB

Three Apple products made the list of the top ten most popular products shown at Aprilis NAB 2004 (National Association of Broadcasters) according to a recently released survey of attendess. Motion, Appleis new compositing solution, and Xsan, Appleis new SAN (Storage Area Network) technology, were listed as numbers 1 and 2 in the survey, which was conducted by Weinstock Media Analysis. GarageBand gave Apple the hat trick, coming in at #10 on the list.

Weinstock Media Analysis is a "consulting practice that produces syndicated and private market studies and analyses, specializing in the television and professional video industries." From the companyis Web site, which we found courtesy of Macworld UK and TVTechnology.

What are the most memorable innovations for 2004?  We asked over 1,000 visitors at the NAB show in April, then we collated over 500 of those into a representative sample and recontacted them a month later to see what stuck, what seemed to fall away as hype.  Now weive got Top Ten lists in importance for every vertical market in AV.  Those lists vary.  Perhaps surprisingly, however, lots of people at the high end of film or in broadcasting are fans of inexpensive innovations, especially Apple Computeris Motion.  And lots of people with no call to use them are fans of large-screen displays.  Our unified Top Ten List of specific products for all user groups is:


1. Apple Computer Motion (compositing software)
2. Apple Computer Xsan (SAN)
10. Apple Computer GarageBand (audio production software)

Thereis more at the Weinstock Media Analysis Web site, including a top ten list of "the most important generic technology developments" introduced at the show. Motion, Xsan, and GarageBand are all available from the Apple Store.