Apple's Shows New iBook Commercial, It's A Good One [Updated With Link To Commercial]

Update: The commercial is now being shown on Appleis Web site. Thanks to Observer James Cain for the heads up. Also, contrary to our report below, the actor in the commercial is clearly not the same person from the Concert commercial. We definitely recommend that you take the time to watch this commercial at Appleis site if you have not seen it. Then come back and tell us what you think.

Apple has launched a new iBook commercial, and the company has continued in the spirit of the companyis iTunes Concert commercial launched in March (original commercial launched March 7th, expanded version posted online on March 10th). We saw the new commercial on Foxis Boston Public, but if you saw it elsewhere, drop a note in the comments.

The commercial features a young man with an iBook (we believe it to be the same actor from the Concert commercial) requesting a center seat on a flight to somewhere. Once on board the plane, the young man lowers his tray, and sets up his iBook. He then lowers the trays of his sleeping neighbors and lays out a digital camera on the one side and a big stack of CDs on the other. He proceeds to start using iMovie 2 to edit a movie of his girlfriend and using iTunes to listen to his CDs through headphones. As his neighbors wake up and start checking out what he is doing, he wittily engages them in conversation (note that he is not actually particularly witty), and eventually unplugs his earphones so that the older businessman (meaning his was wearing a suit) next to him can also enjoy "Dawg Call (Who let the dawgs out)."

As of this writing, we could not find the commercial on Appleis Web site.