Apple's Web Site Got More People Than Dell, HP, Gateway

Appleis Web site may not be selling more Macs than Dellis sells Wintel boxes, but it did get more visitors during the week ending June 15th. Internet Retailer is reporting that Nielsen/NetRatingsi traffic report for that week, more than a week before Appleis attention-getting WWDC keynote announcements, places Apple with 3.6 million unique visitors. From Internet Retailer:

Outshining HP and Dell, Apple Computer Corp. received the most unique visitors to its web site for the week ending June 15, according to a survey by Nielsen/NetRatings of the top five web sites operated by manufacturers that sell computer hardware. Apple showed a unique audience of 3.6 million, 46% more than second-place Hewlett-Packard Co., at 2.4 million.

Apple and HP reversed rolls, however, in terms of visit time per person. Apple showed the least amount of time per visit, at 3 minutes., 44 seconds., compared to HP, which had the longest time per visit, at 19 minutes., 46 seconds.

Thereis more information in the full article about traffic that week, though much of it deals with advertising impressions. Thanks to Observer Adam for the heads up on this article.