Apple's Web Site Thinks Differently In Wake Of Terrorist Attacks

The truest measuring stick of a personis character is how he treats those who are not able to give anything in return.


Today is Friday. Many of us may just now be getting to the point where we are ready to attempt to impose once again some sense of normalcy in our workday lives. We head back to The Job, to The Office. Tuesdayis tragedy still lingers in our minds, but we need to move on, donit we?

Here at The Mac Observer, we are trying to do just that. We were pleasantly surprised, however, upon noticing another outpouring of warmth and humanity. To see what we mean, we encourage you to take a quick glance at our favorite corporate Web siteis home page, Appleis. Below is a screen shot for posterityis sake.

Appleis Home Page
(Click the thumbnail for a larger version.)

Apple has always said that it is a company focused on creating things for the people. Now, its corporate Web site reflects an ever greater focus, the people themselves.