Application Helps FileMaker Users Create Charts And Diagrams

Brian Dunning has updated ChartMaker Pro to version 5.0. ChartMaker Pro is an application that allows FileMaker Pro users to produce charts, graphs, and diagrams from FileMaker databases. The program allows the charts and graphs to be served via the Web. According to Mr. Dunning:

Announcing ChartMaker Pro 5.0, available immediately. This new version gives you the ability to create line charts, bar charts, column charts, scatter charts, and pie charts all using FileMakeris built-in features. You can even serve the images over the web using the Web Companion.

Since ChartMaker Pro does not require a plug-in, the charts are fully cross platform and will work on anyoneis computer: not just those which have installed and paid license fees on a plug-in. This means that you can freely distribute or deploy your solution without buying and installing additional software for each user.

ChartMaker Pro is available for US$39.95. You can find more information at Mr. Dunningis Web site.