Application Helps Users Create Stylish Logos

Blue Line Studios has updated their program for helping users easily create professional looking logos, LogotypeMaker, to version 3.0. LogotypeMaker offers users an incredible amount of control over text and fonts, and allows users to export logos in QuickTime, RTF, or Simple Text format. According to Blue Line Studios:

Blue Line Studios today announced the release of LogotypeMaker 3.0 Pro for Macintosh.

New features:

  • Exportation as QuickTime movie
  • Slide show presentation with many added options, like full screen window, transition effects, cycling fonts list window, etc.
  • Delete command for entire fonts list

LogotypeMakeris main function is the typesetting of a text string using all the useris activated fonts. The applicationis purpose is to help graphics professionals choosing an appropriate typeface when cerating logotypes. The result can be filtereed after user-defined criteria. Documents can be exported as QuickTime movies, Rich Text, and SimpleText-Format.

LogotypeMaker is available for US$30. You can find more information at the Blue Line Studios Web site.