Application Priority From Northern Softworks

Northern Softworks has released a new app for the Mac, Renicer 1.0. Renicer is a renice utility designed for prioritizing applications on a desktop. The app ships with several features including custom priority leveling and set and forget operation. Accordinh to Northern Softworks:

Northern Softworks today announced the release of version 1.0 of Renicer, its new shareware renice utility for Mac OS X.

What is Renicer?

Renicer is a GUI tool that automatically sets priority values for applications. Designed to run in the background, it automatically prioritizes whatever application is in front. Additionally, it ups the priority of the Finder, Dock, and Window Server. It also maintains a list of applications that are to be set to low priority. Applications are reniced on the fly as they are launched and brought forward. Renicer is designed to be simple enough for novices, yet flexible enough for the power user.


  • Attractive, easy to use interface
  • Simple set and forget operation
  • Automatically raises priority of frontmost application
  • Increases priority of the Finder, Dock, and Window Server
  • User adjustable priority levels
  • Maintains log of priority changes
  • Maintains list of applications that get reduced priority
  • Priority levels are automatically adjusted whenever apps launch
  • Renicer is application based for convenience and stability
  • All changes are removed when Renicer quits
  • Illustrated Documentation

You can find more information about Renicer 1.0 at the Northern Softworks Web site. Renicer is available for US$6.95.