Application Priority Update From Northern Softworks

Northern Softworks has released an update for Renicer, bringing it to version 1.1. Renicer is a renice utility designed for prioritizing applications on a desktop. The update includes user requested performance enhancements and cosmetic fixes. According to Northern Softworks:

Northern Softworks today announced the release of version 1.1 of Renicer, its new shareware renice utility for Mac OS X.

What is Renicer?

Renicer is a GUI tool that automatically sets priority values for applications. Designed to run in the background, it automatically prioritizes whatever application is in front.

Whatis new in Renicer 1.1?

This release adds numerous user requested features. Dock and Window Server priorities can now be individually set. Renicer now maintains a list of high priority applications. All of Reniceris changes can now be made persistant, so that Renicer can be quit if desired. This version also makes a few cosmetic changes.

You can find more information about the Renicer update at the Northern Softworks Web site. Renicer 1.1 is available for US$6.95.