Appointment Gets Update From DW Data Concepts

DW Data Concepts has released an update for Appointment 1.0, bringing it to version 6. Appointment is a FileMaker Pro plug-in designed for resource management. The latest version features a new internal messaging system and other enhancements. According to DW Data Concepts:

DW Data Concepts releases version 6 of Appointment 1.0, a powerful multi-user FileMaker Pro appointment scheduler.

Appointment 1.0 is a flexible scheduling product that: Allows users to see, at a glance, who’s meeting with whom, or which resources are being used; avoids scheduling conflicts while maximizing staff productivity; gives users
the choice of a number of different appointment views; is easily customizable so as to include most everything that’s needed to effectively manage resources in virtually any situation. Developer’s can include this multi-user scheduling function in their client solutions, instead of developing their own.

Appointment 1.0 has been upgraded with input from FMP users and customers. It contains a new user internal
messaging system and an In/Out status board; improved functionality and performance for Appointment Types and the Grid; a Reports paper size A4 option; and sharing of all files on a server (user file, ‘Appt10.FP5’ not required on each guest machine).

You can find more information about the Appointment update at the DW Data Concepts Web site. Appointment 1.0v6 is available for US$120.00.