April Brings New Issue Of Web Page Design For Designers

The April issue of Web Page Design for Designers is available for your consumption. The latest issue features the final installment of their series of Flash articles, as well as the usual array of tips and reviews. According to WPDFD:

Article: Flash - Beyond animation 3 - ActionScript for Designers

The third, and final part of the series. ActionScript expands Flashis capabilities immensely and is probably the easiest of all scripting language for designers to get to grips with. There are some good examples of ActionScript being used in a pseudo CGI manner - with downloadable source code that you can use as the basis for your own projects.

Mini Review: Foundation ActionScript
An excellent new book from Friends of Ed specifically aimed at designers who use Flash 5. It will get you up-to-speed with scripting in no time at all. Read all about it!

TopTip: Script alignment for easier reading
Whether you are using ActionScript or JavaScipt, a little consideration for the layout of the script itself can make your code a lot easier to read, debug and manage.

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You can find the full text of the latest issue at the Web Page Design for Designers Web site.