April Issue Of About This Particular Macintosh Available

There is a new version of About This Particular Macintosh available for your consumption. This monthis version focuses extensively on Mac OS X, and has an interesting article about a "concept" iMac. According to ATPM:

The staff of ATPM (About This Particular Macintosh) is pleased to announce the release of issue 7.04 for April 2001.

Columns and Articles

Apple Cider: Brand Spankini New
Tom Iovino tells us about Mac OS X and what it means to the Macintosh community, and the future and directionality of computing in general.

Beyond the Barline: An iMac for Any Mood
David Ozab has a shocking rumor to share with us, regarding a new iMac concept that will captivate us all!

About This Particular Web Site
This month, Paul Fatula shares some useful sites regarding OS X applications, zip codes, online gaming, maps of the world, and virus prevention.

Segments: Report on the Microcomputers in Education Conference
ATPMis new contributing editor, Dierk Seeburg (everybody say "Hi Dierk!") provides a most thorough report on the Microcomputers in Education Conference and shares some great photos with us too!

How To: Networking the Macintosh Cube
Matthew Glidden discusses the ins and outs of the Macintosh Cube and its networking capabilities-- including Ethernet, Airport, and software routing.


Movie Magic ScreenWriter 2000 v. 4.0.1
Mike Shields reviews a major player in the screen writing software arena.

The Sony DPP-SV55 Printer
Paul Fatula reviews a neat gadget from Sony that generates real photographic prints!

SPSS 10.0
David Zatz checks out the latest version of a leading statistics tool for the Macintosh.

Sweet P 1.1
Eric Blair likes this add-on for Bare Bones Softwareis Mailsmith.

Virtual PC 4.0
Gregory Tetrault has mixed feelings about Virtual PC 4.0.


Desktop Pictures: Icicle Formation and Winter in South Hampton
Winter is almost over, but as a last reminder of the colder times of the year, Daniel Chvatik took the following pictures of an icicle formation on a tree after a snow storm in Boston, MA. In our second set of pictures this month, Jens Grabenstein shares his winter visions with us. The pictures were taken at a beach in South Hampton, Long Island.

You can find all of this information, and more, at the About This Particular Macintosh Web site.

You can find all of this information, and more, at the About This Particular Macintosh Web site.