Aqueous Releases Chess Analysis, Gameplay App Gambit

Aqueous Software has released the chess application Gambit 1.0. The software features Crafty, a chess engine that learns as it plays, as well as the ability to record, replay, annotate and analyze games. Users can also customize the level of play, the boardis appearance and the chess piece style.

Gambit displays the PGN (Portable Game Notation) file hierarchy in its list window and can open any number of game windows. It supports the PGN format standard as well as standard punctuation and evaluation glyphs, variations and sub-variations and text comments. Gambit reads, displays and saves all standard PGN tag-value pairs and retains non-standard pairs when the user modifies and re-saves a game.

Pricing is US$20, with a family license available for $30. Mac OS X v10.3 is required.