ArKaos Updates VJ With BPM Sync

ArKaos has released an update for ArKaos VJ, bringing it to version 3.0.2. ArKaos VJ is a multimedia presentation app designed for visual artists working with live video and music. The update features BPM synchronization and expanded MIDI controls. According to ArKaos:

ArKaos is launching a new version of its popular video jockey software, the Arkaos VJ 3.0.2.

ArKaos is launching the new version of its popular video jockey software, the Arkaos VJ 3.0.2. This free upgrade for ArKaos 3.0.x users adds many new video control features and several new effects. Many new file formats are supported thanks to three new media player interfaces. The improved beat detection allows adjusting the speed of video loops to the tempo of the music.

The major new feature is a much better control on movie playback, easily accessible through a redesigned Visual Info dialog box. This will allow the users to make a frame accurate selection of the content they wish to play inside a video loop. These new controls allow mixing videos in a way that no other software can reproduce!

Some of the new possibilities are:

  • Movie synchronization to BPM
  • Forward/backward playback motion with constant, MIDI controlled speed or BPM sync
  • Definition of the looping zone using MIDI controllers
  • Two different random looping available: with or without BPM sync

Three great 3 new effects have been added:

  • Mirror: allows you to create reflections of your original visual by flipping it around a vertical and/or horizontal axis
  • ArKolor: allows you to alter the color from your visual by defining which RGB component of the input is going to be used for each component of the output. It also lets you easily achieve classic effects such as Posterization and Solarization
  • Tracker: allows you to define an area in your visual that is going to be zoomed while the visual will continue to play on the rest or the screen

You can find more information about the ArKaos VJ update at the ArKaos Web site. ArKaos VJ 3.0.2 is free for registered users, while the full version is available for US$343.00.