ArcaneWare Shipping New Book Cataloging App

ArcaneWare has released a new app for Mac users, Library 1.0. Library is a cataloging utility designed for books and bibliophiles. The app features support for automatic book information query via, and bookmarking. According to ArcaneWare:

After many pre-releases and much extensive testing, ArcaneWare today, introduced its new application for cataloging your books, Library.

Library is an application that lets you catalog all of your books in a database. It has many features to make cataloging easy. Libraryis greatest feature, autofill, lets you type in a bookis ISBN and with the click of a button, Library will query Amazon behind the scenes and after retrieval, automatically fill in all of the bookis information, and even download the cover image for you.

Library features an intuitive interface to browse and manage your books in. The main book table shows the bookis current status, cover, title, author, genre, and rating. Libraryis "Mark Status" lets you specify whether a book is available to you, lent out, or overdue. And "Bookmark" lets you enter which page you are currently on in a book, removing the need of real bookmarks or "doggy ears." Thereis also a live filter to find the book you need fast. And, of course, thereis a whole wealth of preference options for you to fool with.

You can find more information about the Library release at the ArcaneWare Web site. Library is available shareware for US$10.00.