ArcaneWare Ships USB Barcode Reader For Library Users

ArcaneWare is now shipping the ArcaneReader USB Barcode Scanner for Library users. The ArcaneReader USB Barcode Scanner is a device designed for reading ISBN barcodes for inventory tracking. The device features plug-and-play support for Library and an integrated error checking value decoder. According to ArcaneWare:

ArcaneWare today released its ArcaneReader USB Barcode Scanner, designed for Library, the companyis personal book cataloging utility "for the rest of us." The new handheld reader is an easy-to-use solution for scanning Bookland EAN ("ISBN") barcodes into Library.

All users need to use the new ArcaneReader is a copy of ArcaneWareis Library 1.1 or later, along with a free powered USB port. Plug it in, scan a barcode, and Library does the rest.

The new ArcaneReader features:

  • Plug-and-play integration with Library 1.1
  • Library 1.1is Batch Add allows users to scan and import a number of books simultaneously, retrieving information for each scanner
  • Web Export allows users to publish information about their library on the Web
  • Easy-to-use trigger to start a new scan
  • CCD technology requires no cleaning or maintainence, like traditional laser scanners
  • Signals a successful scan with both a sound and a visual indicator
  • Integrated error-checking barcode value decoder ensures accurate scans
  • Includes 7 foot (213 cm) USB cable

You can find more information about the ArcaneReader USB Barcode Scanner at the ArcaneWare Web site. The ArcaneReader USB Barcode Scanner is available for US$199.95.