ArcaneWare Updates Library With IntelliScanner 5000XL Support

ArcaneWare has released an update for Library, bringing it to version 1.1.2. Library is a cataloging utility designed for books and bibliophiles. The maintenance update features support for the recently released IntelliScanner 5000XL. According to ArcaneWare:

ArcaneWare today released an update to its application for cataloging your books, Library.

Library is an application that lets you catalog all of your books in a database. It has many features to make cataloging easy. Libraryis greatest feature, autofill, lets you type in a bookis ISBN and with the click of a button, Library will query Amazon behind the scenes and after retrieval, automatically fill in all of the bookis information, and even download the cover image for you.

In addition, the 1.1.2 update adds the following:

  • Library now supports the IntelliScanner 5000XL from Intelli Innovations <>, released today
  • Dramatic optimization done results in a smaller application file

You can find more information about the Library update at the ArcaneWare Web site. The Library update is free for registered users, while the full version is available shareware for US$10.00.