ArcaneWare Updates SerialStorage With Blowfish Encryption

ArcaneWare has released an update for SerialStorage, bringing it to version 2.5. SerialStorage is a storage utility designed for organizing several serial numbers and passwords. The update features improved 448-bit encryption and interface mods. According to ArcaneWare:

ArcaneWare today released an upgrade for its application for secure organization, Serial Storage.

SerialStorage is an application to effortlessly organize your serial numbers and/or passwords into different categories. With SerialStorageis easy search feature you can find your passwords and serial numbers quickly. Even better, SerialStorage uses very strong encryption methods so that your data is safe.

Version 2.5 features a new core with new military-strength BlowFish 448-bit encryption.

This new database file format is all more secure, compact, and portable. But changes were not only done under the hood. Serial Storage 2.5is interface is all the more polished than its 2.0 counterpart. And on top of that, we threw in a print feature and a way to copy an entire entry to the clipboard.

You can find more information about the SerialStorage update at the ArcaneWare Web site. SerialStorage 1.2.1 is free for registered users, while the full version is available for US$9.95.