Archer Pro 3.5.0 Features Destination Options

Parker Software has released a new version of Archer Pro, bringing it to version 3.5.0. Archer Pro is a multi-media slide showplayer that supports multiple video players and still images. The update features more destination folders and other enhancements. According to Parker Software:

Parker Software Development, Inc. has just released ArcherPro 3.5.0.

Archer is a small, fast slide show player that supports audio and video as well as still images. Archer supports multiple players running at the same time each with their own set of images, speed setting, and size. You can also append images to the slide show. When not in full-screen mode, a scroll bar is available to navigate through the images.

ArcherPro 3.5.0 introduces some useful enhancements that will make sorting through large numbers of images much more efficient. The improvements include:

  • ArcherPro now supports up to 54 Destination Folders instead of 8
  • When using the Destination Folders, you now have the option of copying the displayed image or moving the displayed image to the destination folder
  • In an effort to eliminate unneeded actions, ArcherPro will now automatically advance you to the next image after sending a file to a Destination Folder
  • The Destination Folders window now updates detail information in realtime
  • When you have Play->Show Info option enabled, you will see a running total of the number of items in the slide show

You can find more information about the Archer Pro update at the Parker Software Web site. Archer Pro 3.5.0 is free for registered users, while the full version is available for US$29.95.