Archos Debuts Gmini 402 Camcorder, AV 500 Mobile DVR

Archos Inc. on Friday debuted two new devices: the Gmini 402 Camcorder and the AV 500 Mobile Digital Video Recorder (DVR). The former includes a 20GB hard drive while the latter comes in 30GB or 100GB capacities. Both are shipping now. Archos did not have a product page for the Gmini 402 Camcorder on its Web site as The Mac Observer posted this article.

The Gmini 402 Camcorder (US$369.95) can capture still photos or video, as well as audio, with the ability to hold up to 50 hours of video, or up to 13 hours in high resolution, and up to 650 hours of audio. It includes a 2.2-inch color LCD screen and supports the MPEG-4 video format. A USB Host port enables it to transfer content directly to other devices, and it can connect to a Mac or PC for transferring music, video, pictures and other files back and forth.

Archos also offers an AV 500 Digital Mini Cam add-on that includes a built-in microphone and a 100GB hard drive, with a headband strap for shooting hands-free video. It also features video input ports for connecting it to the Gmini 402 or other camcorders. Pricing is $199.95

The AV 500 Mobile DVR comes with a four-inch color LCD and also supports the MPEG-4 format. Like the Gmini 402, it includes a USB Host port as well as USB 2.0 connectivity for transferring files between it and a computer. And like Archosi other AV DVR devices, it can record video content directly from a TV, VCR, DVD player or satellite or cable box, with the ability to schedule recordings.

The 30GB model is $499.95 while the 100GB version is $699.95.