Are You A Mac Collector That Has It All? Think Again

Think you have all the Mac memorabilia that there is to be had? Think again. An Observer named Trev has informed us that he has a collection of the original iMac shells that were used for in-store sales displays. The shells are currently available on auction from eBay. According to Trev:

I know this is shameless, but you guys cover this stuff all of the time. Iim selling my set of rare iMac shells on eBay. I know you often mention auctions and such on the site, and if youid stick it up as an article Iid gladly fork a 10% commission over to the site from which the winning bidder heard of the auction. I expect they will sell for a pretty good amount, as Iive never seen anything like them on eBay before. Thanks a lot for your time and if you could lemme know either way Iid be in your debit. Thanks!

Well thanks, Trev, but we certainly do not want any "commission" for the posting. However, these are neat items, and you can find more information and place your bid on eBay.