Arkeia Updated To 5.1 With Remote Server Access

Arkeia Corp. has released an update for Arkeia, bringing it to versiuon 5.1. Arkeia is a backup utility designed for network applications. The update features several new enhancements including remote server access and expanded platform support. According to Arkeia Corp:

Arkeia Corp. today released a newly updated version of its award-winning enterprise backup solution that incorporates an assortment of innovative features for augmenting the programis inherently powerful heterogeneous network functions.

Arkeia v5.1 includes expanded remote access capabilities, embedded supervision functions, and even broader heterogeneous support and compatibility with the latest tape drive technologies.

New features of Arkeia v5.1 include:

  • Access to the Arkeia backup server from any location, on the company network or via any Internet connection
  • Centralized supervision of Arkeia clients on the network with new setup tools that can consult and/or configure clients
  • More platform support including PowerPC and IA-64 platforms for both the Arkeia client and server and Mac OS X as a backed up client
  • Option for Lotus hot backup plug-in
  • Latest tape technology support such as DLT VS-160 and LTO-2

You can find more information about the Arkeia update at the Arkeia CorpWeb site. An Arkeia license starts at US$590.00.