Article Gives Personal View Of Apple's Hardware Designer

Independent News, a British online news publication, has posted an in-depth article about Appleis chief hardware designer, Jonathan Ive. Charles Arthur interviewed Mr. Ive in a piece entitled, The Shape of Things to Come, that conveys some of the more personal details that went into designing the new iMac. For instance, in the article Mr. Ive talks about how he felt during the announcement of his new iMac design:

User reaction to that subtle confluence of design, price and internals is never easy to forecast. After Jobs launched it at the Macworld exhibition, saying "Itis the best thing weive ever done," Ive anonymously paced the show floor, watching peopleis reactions. "I think they like it," he says when we meet a few hours later. "Yeah, yeah, people are... pretty enthusiastic." For he had worried that they wouldnit be.

The article also details Mr. Iveis view of the design process, saying that, at one point, Steve Jobs rejected an early design.

Most people would worry for their job in this situation. But Jobs took Ive for a walk in his wifeis vegetable patch, and told him to think again about the pieces he was trying to fit together.

The well written article is an extremely interesting view of the man behind the machine.